Ricardo - Comedy Magic

Race Nights
Murder Mystery Nights
Miss Sugar Plum - Drag
Brixton Gospel Choir
Ice Sculpture
Children's Entertainer
Gary Dakin
Psychic Medium
Bierhoff Oompah
EL - Loco
The Dentist Chair
Mark Storey
What ever the Theme we have it from D.J's/Karaoke, Drag D.J's, Race Nights, Casino Nights, Magic Nights, Murder Mystery Nights, Children's Parties plus Speciality Nights which include Caribbean, Country & Western, Jazz, Ceilidh, Bavarian, Barn Dance, Rock & Roll, Drag, Soul, Irish, Spanish, Gypsy and Italian Nights. Plus not forgetting Function Bands and Gospel Choirs.
Tel/Fax 01254 - 679005
Mobile 07702643732

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